Monday, January 19, 2009

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16 : Soaring Eagle

Day 16 : Soaring Eagle, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 16. Today was our first 4 day work week, so I had the day off. I planned to work around the house after getting grocerys in the morning, but the sun was out for a change. I decided to take a ride down for Kent Trails by the Grand River and do a photo shoot of the area. It was still only about 16 degrees out, but walking I stayed warm and was out of the wind. I had taken a few pictures across the river, and was just taking this picture as a Bald Eagle came off a branch and went soaring off down the river. In looking over my earlier shots blown up on the computer, he was sitting on a branch the whole time but his black and white blend perfectly with the snow covered trees. I wish I had seen him and actually been zoomed in for a shot or two. I was so amazed and shocked to see him as I took this picture by the time I came to my senses he was gone. I spend a couple hours walking the trail hoping to spot him again, but without luck. From the other side of the river he probably watched me with his eagle eyes, enjoying the cloaking of his natural camouflage.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15 : Arctic Blast

Day 15 : Arctic Blast, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 15. Ed and I had a furniture delivery to do tonight, and we met at church to pick up the trailer at 6:00pm. The tempature had been cold and falling all day, and I noticed a bank displaying 6 degrees. We got to the storage to pick up the items, and were unable to get the back door of the trailer open. It was frozen shut so tightly that even entering from the side door and banging on it from inside didn't help. Ed ended up having to call and reschedule for next week when it is warmer (20's) outside.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 : Comfort Food

Day 14 : Comfort Food, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 14. The temperatures are not getting out of the teens this week, with lows and wind chills well below zero. Tonight seemed like a good night for some comfort food, so I cooked up one of my baked spaghetti dishes we love for a nice hot meal.

Day 13 : Total Money Makeover

Day 13 : Total Money Makeover, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 13. Tonight we had our first class and started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. We also got tickets to Total Money Makeover LIVE at Van Andel Arena. After years of flying by the seat of our pants, we have gotten a bit more on track. Now, we just need to learn all Dave's wisdom and insights to keep it going. It looks like a fun class, and what a great time going into '09.

Day 12 : Silent Morning

Day 12 : Silent Morning, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 12. All is quiet at work this morning. Last week I said goodbye to several long time friends and coworkers as they are moving on. As the US and Michigan belts tighten up, work is slowing to unprecedented levels I have never seen in my 20 years.

Day 11 : Gone in 6.0 seconds

Day 11 : Gone in 6.0 seconds, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 11. Sunday night is sometimes game night, and tonight we played Uno Flash. Basicly it is Uno with the twist that you have a time limit to react, and the turns go at random. I am so fast my hand is just a blur :)

Day 10 : Winter Wonderland

Day 10 : Winter Wonderland, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 10. Today was Gracie's birthday party, and there was lots of fun stuff to do. Rachel spent the afternoon ice skating with Grace, and then was joined by the rest of the kids in the evening. Later there were snowmoblie rides, with a sled being pulled behind. More pictures can be found in "Fun in the Snow" and "Gracie's Birthday '09" sets in the family collection.

Day 9 : Power Failure

Day 9 : Power Failure, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 9. They just don't make things like they used to. Our old Zenith TV we bought in 1990 is still working, but this Samsung set we bought last spring is dead. We had Bible study group at our house tonight, and so Rachel was going to watch TV in our room. She same down and said the TV didn't work, and I found it was completely dead and without power. Lucky for us, it is still in the 12 month warranty and so Samsung has a local company coming out to take care of it.

Day 8 : Back to the Future

Day 8 : Back to the Future, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 8. We went to visit Becky's Nana tonight. She just moved into Beacon Hill assisted living after living home alone for the last 13 years or so. It was pretty crazy to have her living home, as she is 98 years old, hard of hearing, and can't see very well. After living there for so many years, I guess she could probably find her way around blind folded. I intended to take a picture of her with the kids, but she wasn't feeling the best (a little home sick) and so I opted not to. She brought many items from home of course, and this is her night stand. Very cool and retro.

Day 7: Lovin' it

Day 7: Lovin' it, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 day 7. For this entire winter and the winter before, I have been parking my little Toyota in the driveway as the truck was in the garage. For the first time today, I was able to enjoy a nice dry car and avoid all the brushing and scraping I do anytime it snows. I might even like snow again.

Day 6: Curiosity killed the cat?

365 day 6.Today I found Lily playing with a big bundle of yarn. She had herself totally wrapped up in it to the point that if she tried to move it only got worse. Silly cat

Day 5: Ice Crystal

Day 5: Ice Crystal, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 day 5. The sun was shining today, but it was still very cold. I decided to get some fresh air and look for some photo ops. Down by the creek something caught my eye as the light reflected off the ice. If you view large, you can see a rainbow in the reflected image.

Day 4: Winter Storage

Day 4: Winter Storage, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 day 4. It was a quiet and uneventful Sunday, and the weather was rainy and gray. The only thing I noticed was the large amount of squirrel activity, as they were taking advantage of the thaw to manage their little storage spots.

Day 3: Farewell Blue

Day 3: Farewell Blue, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 day 3. After almost six years, it is time to say goodbye to our Dodge Ram. Farewell Blue, we wish you well. Even though gas prices have come down, a truck is not a good transportation method to save money with.

Day 2: Rachel

Day 2: Rachel, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 day 2. Second annual trip to Traverse City for New Years Day. The weather was cold and snowy there, and at times you could not even see the bay. We got about 4-6" over night, but it was nice and warm in the pool.

Day 1: Mickey

Day 1: Mickey, originally uploaded by Rob Rypma.

365 Day 1. What better way to start the year then remembering where you have been over a cup of coffee. I got this mug from my inlaws after they took us all to Disney. What a great finish to 2008